So you have decided that you want to transform your classic Mustang into something more exciting. A fastback conversion is a great place to begin.... But, why stop there? Fabbit Customs can take it so much further by: stiffening the chassis, suspension upgrades, big brakes, Engine swaps including the new Coyote, transmissions, make room for bigger tires, and the list is endless.

Questions? Of course you have questions and we have answers, so feel free to ask.

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The world is full of awesome cars. Which one speaks to you?

Imagine a fuel injected supercharged-Coyote pushing power through a 6 speed gear box, spinning an aluminum driveshaft into a positive traction 9" fabricated housing. All of these ponies hit the ground through wide rubber tucked into the the quarter panels of this beautiful Mustang. Now as the car nears the corner Six-piston brakes slows the car slightly as the modern suspension and steering keep the car tightly in contact with the pavement. All of this forces a very natural grin onto your face which viewed only as a blur to the by-standers that you pass. All is right with the world and you have found the meaning of life!

Look through the pictures on to the right to get a better idea of not only what is involved in a Fastback conversion.... but, also what can be done in addition to it. When you think about the perfect car what do you see? Something takes your breath away when you see it.... or something that takes your breath away while sitting behind the wheel? There isn't one right answer and in fact you can have both.



Classic muscle cars can run, drive, stop, handle and accelerate in ways that rival any modern car. Think about the cost of a modern high performance car. Now imagine owning something completely different than everyone else. If you like to stand out from the crowd, then this could be you.


We are an authorized dealer for Dynacorn and can get you the metal you need.... However, realize that a fastback conversion is not a simple bolt on swap. If you think you have the skill to tear a car down to a bare floor pan... then let us know and we will help you understand the process. If it scares you we can do it for you. We have completed many of these and would love to help.


Quality Dynacorn Metal now available.