There are many reasons a car sits and is not driven: unreliable, poor condition, less nice than your current car, in the process of being restored..... or worst of all stuck in another shop. Have you lost the motivation you once had to finish the car? What is stopping it from being your daily driver or at a minimum an occasional driver? Are you looking for help but do not know where to look?



1940 ford in need of a total restoration

Look no further. We are here to help you just as we have helped many others just like you. We will take on a project in any condition, thick dust and boxes of unorganized parts do not scare us. We may not have seen it all (because who really has), but we have seen a lot and have the skills to figure out where things were left off and what it takes to put it all back together.

1946 Crosley pick-up truck

1946 Crosley pick-up truck

Budget...... many times this is a big stumbling block. We may not be able to give you the money needed to finish or even do it for free... However, we can find creative ways to finish the it for a price that fits your needs. Many times it is just figuring out your exact needs and not going over-board on things that greatly increase costs. Other times the answer is as simple as building the car in stages that are broke down into small bite sized pieces. 


1962 Caddy test driving

Ultimately our goal is to put everyone behind the wheel of a car that not only moves physically... but emotionally as well. We know this sounds crazy, but why shouldn't you enjoy the drive to your destination? Life is a journey... enjoy it!